Online Gambling Operation

April 26, 2019 Off By Isobel Walters
Online Gambling Operation

Angeles Mayor Francis Nepomuceno has put his foot down and isn’t taking no for an answer. Nepomuceno says that the online gambling operation that has been considered for their fair city does not have the authority or the permission to operate. Nepomuceno has been very clear of his position on online gambling and his aides have said that they do not see that changing any time soon.

Chief of the Business Permit and Licensing Division Roxas Sangalang has not given the proposed online gambling operation a permit and Nepomuceno says that as they do not condone illegal online gambling there isn’t much chance that they will be operating.

Emaja Internet Gaming Enterprise had tried to open an online casino in Barangay Salapungan, and the city government says that it will not be approving a license for online gambling. They say that the national laws and city ordinances do not allow for online gambling near schools, churches and other institutions, and that the location chosen has violated that as well.

Not only that, but the Angeles University Foundation’s chancellor and its students have publicly protested the bringing in of the rich casino. They say that not only is it too close to the school, but it is too close to two other schools as well, and they don’t want online gambling near them.

However, Emmanuel Jacinto, the owner of Emaja, says that he has not violated any laws and that he should have the right to operate his online casino in the location that he has chosen. He says that he will continue to fight for the license.

Didier Dewyn has asked the Court of Appeals of Versailles to stop criminal proceedings that had been brought against him last August. Dewyn is the ex-CEO of a gaming company that was licensed in Malta, and was accused to operating an illicit lottery and clandestine betting on horse races.

The European Gaming and Betting Association was waiting with baited breath to see what the court was going to say as they wanted to know where they stood in regards to French gaming legislation. The court asked for additional information, something that the EGBA finds heartening.

They say that the burden of proof is on the French now to justify the accusations. As betting services are covered by the European Union Treaty, the courts decision will go a long way in the online gambling world. As the French have come under fire for their policies regarding online gambling, this will open the door in many ways as well as showing exactly where they stand on the matter of online casinos.

The EGBA says that the French government has said that they will be proposing opening their market to the online gambling community, even though they want it to remain controlled. They say that this decision from the courts goes a long way to making that actually happen.