How to Play Blackjack – The Dream Hand & The Easy Hand

February 11, 2018 Off By Isobel Walters
How to Play Blackjack – The Dream Hand & The Easy Hand

Let’s deal the next hand out then. 3, 7, 4, Dealers card is 2. 7, 4 and a 4.

Very good hand this one, we like this one. Opportunities here, the Dealer card as we may have spoken about before. If the Dealer card is less than a 7 it’s considered a weak card.

If the Dealer card is an Ace or above, it’s considered a strong card. Against the weak card, you’re gonna be taking more chances, against a strong card, you’re gonna be a little bit more careful. The dealer card is fairly weak. The 2, middling to weak. So, we’ve got the opportunity here, we’ve got less than 11 with the first two cards, to Double Down one card only if we wish to.

This hand here is now a 10, shall we take a chance? Shall we Double Down? Lets try it and see how the hand works out. 10, Double Down against the 2. An Ace, that’s perfect.

That’s 21. That hand cannot be beaten. Lets move along.

Let’s Double Down again. We’ve got 11 against the Dealers 2. Is this going to be the dream hand i wonder? If you’re gonna Double Down, then you need to double your original stake.

11 against the 2, one card only. 21, that is fantastic. Now what we have got here, a pair of 4’s.

Some people would split them, some people wouldn’t. The option is there now if we wish to, we can split the 4’s, play them as two hands. If we wish to, we can play it from the 8. In this case, I think maybe the more sensible course of action, is just to take a card. Lets do that one.

10, 21. It’s almost like I’ve set these cards up isn’t it? I haven’t actually.

It’s a wonderful looking hand. 21, 21, 21, nobody can loose. It’s a fantastic scenario.

No more cards, the Dealer will then draw to 17. Lets see how the hand finishes off. 2, 5, 15 16, 25. Dealers bust, everyone’s dream scenario.

Dealer Bust, a winner, a Double Down winner, another winner. Lots and lots of hands like this and you’ll be having a great time at the Blackjack table. Perfect.

Right, let’s play one more hand. Queen, 10 and a Jack, House card’s a 7. Blackjack, 20, 20. Gosh, very easy for you players, if only every hand was as easy as this one.

A Blackjack against a 7. Well I can’t match it, so I’m gonna pay it. A Blackjack as I may have told you before, is not paid at evens, we pay 3/2. It’s a lovely winning return. So instead of winning two chips, you win three.

That’s a Blackjack. Thats a lovely winning hand for you. Simple decisions here isn’t it? 20 and 20. No more cards, I’m gonna draw to 17, hopefully not to 21.

13, Dealer bust. Dealer bust, player win. Let’s pay these chips out. Another wonderful winning hand. I do hope that what we’ve taught you about the Splitting the Doubling, a little bit about the tactics, about when you should and shouldn’t take a card have been really helpful to you in the game of Blackjack. I hope you enjoy your game, I hope you have a successful time.

The number one thing with all gaming, make sure you enjoy it.